Working Visas And Immigration Services

Working Visas and Immigration Services For Employer's

Our office with many years of experience will take care of all your needs for staff from the Far-East countries such as India, Nepal, Vietnam and many more ,selecting the best candidates for the job for you. We can provide professional cooks, waiters, bartenders, spa staff, kitchen assistants, cleaners, chambermaids, domestic helpers, laundry staff, bakery staff and staff for any other job the Cyprus government is permitting a working visa. We offer complete services and we go through all the necessary procedures in connection with the employment of foreign personnel including : Applying for working visas at the labor office, selecting the staff, preparing all the paperwork before the arrival, visa issue, insurance, air tickets to employees, airport transfers, providing all necessary medical analysis and registration to the immigration after arriving. Also we renew contracts that are expiring.

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 Asylum Seekers And Students Services

We can check with the labour office if any of the students or asylum seekers that you found, is allowed to work for you so you don’t waste your time.

Asylum Seekers And Students Ready To Work.

Our company can run all the paperwork you need to hire an asylum seeker or a student that you found and they are legal to work.

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Immigration Services For Europeans, Asylum Seekers Etc.

We can run all the immigration services for you.
Book Appointments to the immigrations, application for yellow slip, fill up the forms, change of address, receiving of resident cards and many more.
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Cyprus citizenship

Are you eligible for Cypriot citizenship by naturalisation? We are here to help. email us at

You have the Right to apply if : 

Reside legally in Cyprus for 7 years Prior to the submission of the application and reside legally continuously for the last 12 months before the submission of the application.

 Applies for foreigners who :

 Hold a residence permit as students, visitors, self-employed, athletes, coaches, sports technicians, domestic helpers, nurses, employees of Cypriot or foreign employers or offshore companies and who reside in the Republic solely for the purpose of work. 

Due to Marriage:

 Completed three (3) years of marriage prior to the date of application