Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


User” or “you” is any user, natural person or legal person on whose behalf user act who agrees with the present Terms and Conditions and includes the Freelancer, employer, candidate, company, visitor, buyer etc.

Website” is www.soeasyjob.com, including all its content and services that is operated from our company.

Text” is all the texts found on every page, whether they are educational, editorial informative, instruction, guiding, or syntax text.

Content” includes all Text, Graphics, Design and Programming used on the Website.

Graphics” is all logos, buttons and all the graphic elements of the Website in any form.

Document“, is any material that any User places on the Website. Job posts or resume (curriculum vitae) details are included.

CV” is the resume (curriculum vitae) of a candidate.

Programming” includes the user code (HTML, JavaScript, WordPress etc.) and the server code used on the Website.

Design” is the page layout and the color combinations of the Website.

Candidate” is the User who has the right to access to the website to search for job.

Employer” is the natural or legal person who has access to the Website to inform about any jobs or for any reason is associated with finding employees.

Services” are all services provided through the Website by soeasyjob.com or its representatives.

Agreement” is the agreement established between the Freelancer and the Buyer.

Buyer” is any natural or legal person who buys the “freelance Services” offered and/or advertised by the Freelancer.

Freelancer” is any user (natural or legal person) accessing or otherwise using the Website including a user who creates a freelancer account and/or offers and/or advertises to provide Services through the Website.

“Freelancer Services” are all services which may be provided by the Freelancer, including, but not limited to, texts, labour job, products, provided that they are in full compliance with the existing European Laws and are not prohibited by any local and or European Freelancer legislation/framework.

Job Posting” means the service or Website’s feature which allows users with employer account to create post and display on the Website a job position.

Candidate account” means an account created on the Website for the purpose of creating an employment candidate profile on the Website, posting a CV on the Website, searching and applying for job positions, coming in touch with employers through the Website.

Employer Account” means an account created on the Website by a user for the purpose of creating an employer profile on the Website, posting job positions on the Website and communicating with employment candidates through the Website.

We” means our company.

The information provided on the website is purely informative and / or advertising and /or promotional and they can never be considered as suggestions, advices or guidelines to the User/visitor.



We welcome you on our website.

Please read our terms and conditions carefully. These Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between soeasyjob.com and the user/company/freelancer/visitor (natural or legal person) visiting or using this website.

Any use of our website presumed consent and your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions mentioned in this document including the Privacy Policy, Advertising Policy, Refund Policy, GDPR Policy as well as any changes or modifications we make, always with legality, good faith and morals. These Terms and Conditions cover all the existing services provided by soeasyjob.com and any new ones that may be included on its website. A requirement for the use of this website is the “users” commitment that will not be used for illegal purposes.

In case the “user” does not agree with a point of the website, should not use the website and is encouraged to contact us and inform us about any objections so our company can evaluate them.

The stay of the “user” on the pages of this website as well as the use of any information provided by these pages implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

The use of the services of the Website is available to anyone who acts for themselves or as legal representatives of companies, in order to search for a job or post a job create a CV offer services or any other options the website offers. A binding condition is considered the “user” to use the information material legally, in a way that does not violate any terms of the use of the website and is used for private or company use only.

Indicatively and not restrictively, the “user” agrees that he will use the website in a way that does not cause harm and does not infringe the rights of another “user” or third party, that he will not use the website to obtain, alter or share personal or companies or freelancers or any other “user” data and will not endanger the security and smooth operation of the website.

It is forbidden to copy part or the entire website, reverse engineer or decompile any parts of the Site. Its use should be done lawfully, in good faith and within the framework of the agreed use between the website and the user which specializes in these terms and Conditions and the terms of the Service Agreement.

The “user” takes full responsibility for maintaining reasonable security precautions for its account. ”Users” are responsible for protecting and updating any login account provided to them for our Services. ”Users” must protect the confidentiality of their login details, and should change their password periodically.

Any use of the services of soeasyjob.com website, access to the information, the pages of the website, use of the resources, phone numbers, fax, messenger application, messages, contact addresses, use of the forms, submitting any application and coming in contact with emails, fax, message, phone or any other means presupposes the full and unconditional acceptance of all the terms mentioned herein this website.

Personal Data in the Curriculum Vitae Database

When you upload your personal data to the CV Database, or email your CV to us or our representative’s you grant us the right to use it for the purposes of our CV database. We have the ability to disclose your personal data to potential recruiters, who will have minimal access to our candidate database, and only access to the data of users who have expressed an interest in this job, as Recipients of the Data according to the definition of article 5 paragraph 9 of Regulation 679/2016. Employers shall retain access to the CVs of users who have expressed an interest in the advertisement for a reasonable period of time, which shall in no case exceed 3 years from the date of posting of the advertisement. beyond which this access is denied by Soeasyjob.com. Once users ‘CVs have been received, employers themselves are required to safeguard the data and use it solely for hiring purposes and are now solely responsible for the security of users’ data. In case of any questions regarding the data processing procedures on the part of the prospective employer and a desire to exercise any right granted to the data subject under Regulation 679/2016, please also refer to their own Privacy Policy for more information on their practices

You agree that you are solely responsible for the content of any material, form, pictures, document in any form and information’s you post on the Website or email to us or our representative’s and for any consequences that may result from the posting of any of the above mentioned.


  • It is strictly forbidden to transmit, upload, distribute, broadcast, place, present and so on, posts on the website soeasyjob.com with malicious, abusive, rude, offensive, pornographic, defamatory, misleading or obscene content and generally material that affect the rights of the public, other users and of this website, especially those relating to the protection of human dignity, honour, reputation, privacy, minority, professional reputation or any other kind that is offensive.
  • We are strict on written statements related to religion, nationality, personal characteristics, political opinions, racial, sex and other discrimination, or generally anything else we consider that affects or violate human rights and/or the personalities of any individuals or company or representatives of the companies or the reputations of any of the above.
  • Any action of the user that is intended to threat or harass others, disclose personal data and data of third parties natural or legal persons and in general the use of the website for purposes other than those for which it was created and operates is strictly prohibited.
  • Any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our Site’s infrastructure and makes it slow to work is not allowed.
  • All users access our website or its Services at their own risk and they are required to have access in good faith. Any use of the website or its Services for purposes other than those declared is strictly prohibited. For any intentionally or carelessly, distribute of files containing a computer virus or corrupted data, malware or other malicious code, worms, Trojan Horses (or anything similar )or attempting a hacking attack (unauthorized control of the system)we will take all legal actions against any violator involved as well as immediate account termination.
  • Collecting or attempting to collect, personal information about third parties without their knowledge or consent, access to non-public information, attempted alteration of information and resources is strictly prohibited.
  • Hosting, distributing or linking to child pornography or content that is harmful to minors, promoting or facilitating gambling, controlled substances, drug contraband or prescription medications, violence, terrorist activities or selling weapons or ammunition is strictly prohibited.
  • Harassment of other user’s resources is strictly prohibited.
  • Other actions against this website with or without use of special equipment will be considered as a breach of confidentiality of communication and will take all legal actions against any violator involved as well as immediate account termination.
  • Copyrighted material must not be published or replicated via our services without the permission of the copyright owner or a person explicitly authorized to give such permission by the copyright owner. Except as is otherwise indicated and except for user submitted content.
  • We are the owner and/or licensee of the copyright in all the content featured on this Website and of all related logical property rights, including but not limited to all database rights, trade marks, copyrighted material and logos. If we receive of a claim or a notice for copyright infringement we will immediately remove the infringing material from our website we will notify the responsible person or persons for publishing it and run full investigation. Also if we notice the use of our own copyrighted material we will run full investigation also. We will assume no liability to any User of the Services for the removal of any such material. You are permitted to store temporarily, retrieve and display content from the Website on a computer screen or on a mobile device, for your personal use. If you believe your copyright is being infringed by a person or persons using our Services please send a report of the copyright infringement to the email policy@soeasyjob.com.

Besides the Documents created by a User, the Website and all copyrights on the Website are exclusive property of soeasyjob.com or their legal licensors.

  • The companies/businesses etc. that enjoy the services of the website agreed to by accepting the terms and conditions to give the right to the website soeasyjob.com to use their name and logo to serve needs of attracting candidates and promoting their services. Any use by users of any name or logo shown on the website is prohibited without the prior consent of the website or any other copyright holder.
  • To Post any resume or Profile or apply for any job on behalf of another person.
  • To submit any contact from an employer to any agent or other third party.
  • The set or upload more than one copy of the same CV or create multiple accounts or profiles for the same user.
  • To Post or submit to the Site any false, incomplete or inaccurate information belonging to another person or user.
  • To Post any CV which is not a genuine or a job posting and which attempts to advertise or promote other products or services

In order to achieve its purpose, we hereby notify that we collect personal data of the user. The User agrees that we may always keep and process this data with a legal way and in good faith for the purposes which it was submitted to our website.

We reserve the right to deny a user from creating an account at our absolute discretion to prevent multiple accounts, fraudulent accounts or twisting of a user’s true identity and preventing users from registering an account to misrepresent as another person. We also reserve the right to delete an account and the user submitted content or information in case of a breach of these Terms and conditions at our absolute discretion, for purposes including but not limited to the above.

Any information you submit upon registration or after must be accurate. The registration process requires standard fields to be completed and you may not include in these fields information other than those requested.

Users understand and acknowledge that they have no ownership rights on the account and that if they cancel account or the account is terminated, all the account information and content, will be marked as deleted and may be deleted from our databases and be removed from any public area of the website and our servers. In addition, other users or third parties to whom you gave your information may keep some or all of your information that has already been stored by them.


A Job Posting by a User could not contain:

  • Any hyperlinks or links other than those specifically authorised by us, Inaccurate, false or misleading information, anything from RESTRICTIONS ON USE AND PROHIBITIONS section, keywords that are unrelated to the job presented, the names, logos or trademarks of companies other than those belonging to the user.
  • More than one job or job description, more than one job category, or more than one location or country.
  • A User should not Post jobs that do not comply with local, national and international employment laws.

We reserve the right to remove any Job Posting or content from the website, which to our discretion do not comply with these Terms or if any user submits or posts content that we believe are not in the best interests of our website.

Rules for CV placement or uploading.

The contents of the CV are responsibility of the user. Users are in no way encouraged to include sensitive personal data in their CVs. If this happens, the company is not responsible for any matter that may arise with regard to the information they have provided and for any consequence, damage or failure resulting from the placement of this document to the company, to other users or to third parties. The User agrees that he is solely responsible for the content of any document he places on the site.


Registering an account as a candidate or as an employer is free of charge

We reserve our right to add new features or services in the future.


These Terms are subject to Cyprus law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Cyprus Courts.

We reserve the right to be the sole conciliator in determining the seriousness of each infringement and take any corrective actions such as, suspending or terminating your service with or without notice upon any violation of this policy, removing any content, which is forbidden by this policy, reporting violations to law enforcement.

Any violations may also result to the immediate suspension or termination of your account. Suspended and terminated User accounts due to violations will not be re-activated .We reserve the right to take any additional actions we may believe is appropriate with respect to such activities, including without limitation taking action to recover any costs and expenses of identifying offenders and removing them from our Services and charging cancellation charges to cover our costs. In addition, we reserve at all times all rights and remedies available to us with respect to such activities at law or in equity. Nothing contained in this Policy shall be interpreted to limit our actions or therapies in any way with respect to any of the prohibited activities.

If you find and would like to report a violation of this Policy, please contact us at policy@soeasyjob.com immediately. We will investigate the matter and provide you with full assistance.


We reserve the right to modify this Policy or its terms relating to the Website or Services at any time, effective upon posting of an updated version of this Policy on the Website. Continued use of the Website after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes..

You acknowledge that you have read this Policy and agree to all its terms and conditions. By using the Website or its Services you agree to be bound by this Policy. If you do not agree to accept those terms of this Policy, you are not authorized to use or access the Website and its Services.


If you would like to come in contact with us or you want to understand more about this Policy or any other matter relating to it, you may do so via email to policy@soeasyjob.com.


We do not accept any responsibility for the content of other websites that are linked to our website .We do not accept any responsibility for the content of external websites that link to this site or contained in this Site. We do not accept any responsibility for any damages, losses or penalties incurred as a result of your use of any of any website to which this Site is linked.

You may not link, refer, frame or deep-link this Website to any other website without our prior written consent.

We are using reasonable actions undertake continuous checks to protect this Website from viruses, corrupted data ,worms, Trojan Horses, malware or other malicious code, hacking attacks etc.

Despite that we cannot give a warrant that the Website is free from any of those above and we accept no liability for any damage that may result from the transmission of any Damaging Features from this Website or from any files which are available for you to download from the Website.

We take no responsibility towards anyone according any direct or indirect damage which effects in any User as a result of the use of the Website or/and the use of any other connected digital places, including without limitation of any loss of profit, disruption of work, loss of data or programs or any other.

If any part of these Terms is found to be illegal, invalid or otherwise not enforceable under the laws of any country in which these Terms are intended to be effective, then we request to inform us to add a section to exclude them from that country and only. The remaining Terms shall continue to be binding and enforceable in that country.

We will not be responsible for any breach of these Terms caused by conditions beyond our reasonable control.

Files and Information available for download from the Website are subject to these Terms.

The use of the Website is available only to adults who act for themselves or as legal representatives of companies and is not designed nor intended for use by persons under the age of 16. Persons under the age of 16 should not use this Website. We ask that parents supervise their children while online. It is a binding condition that the User uses the informative material lawfully, in a way that does not violate any of these and only for private use.


Your use of the Website, its content and any services or items obtained through the Website is at your own risk. The Website, its content ,the services and the Information’s provided are as you see them on an “as is” and “as available” basis and we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, performance or suitability for the particular purpose of the Website or any of the Information. We try to ensure that all the Information provided on the Website is correct at the time of publication. No responsibility is accepted by us or on our behalf for any errors, omissions or incorrect Information on the Website.

We accept no liability for the results of any action taken on the basis of the Information it contains and all indirect warranties, including but not limited to the indirect warranties of suitable quality, suitability for a particular purpose, compatibility, security and accuracy are excluded from these Terms to the extent that they also may be excluded by law.

Also, we do not warranty that the Website or any of the Information will be uninterrupted or error free or that any faults will be corrected.

Although we attempt to ensure that the Information contained in the Website is accurate and up-to-date.

In no event will we be liable for any loss is including, direct or indirect or consequential loss, or any damages arising from loss of use, data or profits, whether in contract or otherwise, arising out of or in connection with the use of this Website or any of the Information.

Nothing on the Website will be considered as an approval, statement or warranty to any User, either concerning the Website or its products, services, recruitment etc.


Regarding Users who have access to the CV Bank, the company ensures their uninterrupted access to it according to the purchased packages. The right to access the CV Bank is for the user purchased the package and only that user. Any unauthorised use of it will be prosecuted.

Transfer, permanent or temporary all or a part of the CV bank and/or re-use of all or a part of the CV Bank or making available to the public of all or a part of the CV bank, by distribution of copies, or by direct contact or by transmission or rent or any other form and any other act of misuse of the CV Bank that affects the rights of the website is prohibited and will prosecuted.

It’s not allowed to repeatedly and systematically extract or/and reuse parts of the content of the CV Bank, if the use is in a harmful manner to the legitimate interest of the owner – maker.

Under the terms and policies Agreement, the user acquires just the right to use the Bank, not sell it or rent it to others or contract it. User is permitted to print or save search results on its private computer and create a limited number of copies of the CV Bank for the internal needs of its company.

We are not responsible and/or liable about any exchange of information and/or correspondence of any kind and/or transactions between the CV bank buyer and the candidate or any published personal data which were uploaded on the Website.


The Services provided by soeasyjob.com are limited to the users as described on the terms. The Company does not accept any financial or other obligation to third parties, required to use or access its services.

Agencies, recruitment offices as well as organizations or bodies that support those who seek employment are encouraged to use the above Services.

All Users can freely browse the website of soeasyjob.com under the terms and conditions of the website.

Feel free to get updates about job vacancies, job search, volunteering, advertisement and any service provided by our site.

The Services that are provided with payment by the website are described in the price list tables and are, product of the company that the website belongs to soeasyjob.com.

It is the right of soeasyjob.com to proceed in any changes in charges.


Terms & conditions

Freelancers are bounded to the user’s rules and agreements and are obligated to deliver the agreed services on the timetable and price agreed.

We reserve the right to collect mediation fees on agreements the freelancer authorized us to do so.

Freelancers confirm that any personal information they receive from the Buyer shall not be used for any purpose other than for the delivery of the Service to the Buyer.

We are not responsible for the content or the quality of Service provided by the Freelancers. We provide no warranty within respect to the Services, the delivery and any communications between Buyers and Freelancers.

By offering a Service, the Freelancer states that he/she has the authorizations, rights and/or license to provide- sell or resell the service that is offered on the Website.